What is TQR?

The Qrius Rhino (a.k.a., TQR) is a blog where we share anything and everything related to science! All of us running the blog are science students in various institutes in India. We believe that blogging is an effective way in communicating science to other enthusiasts and the general public. Also, it’s fun!


The Qrius Rhino was launched in 2018 by Raibat Sarker, which has gradually grown in every aspect with time keeping the goals intact.

Prince Roy, a student and entrepreneur from IISER Kolkata, designed our current logo. Find him on Instagram and LinkedIn.


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In case you have already written on the TQR platform before, or you know the general points regarding the content submissions, then email your content to us theqriusrhino@gmail.com with the subject “CONTENT SUBMISSION_YOUR NAME” in doc/docx format. Make sure to use proper referencing and keep plagiarism in check. If you have photos/diagrams in your article, attach them separately (don’t forget to include a cover photo relevant to your article). Also, don’t forget to mention a short bio and attach a photo of yourself! Find the accepted formats of your attachments in the Content Guidelines.

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Happy Sciencing and Happy Blogging!