Content Guidelines – Blogs

Thanks for your interest in blogging for The Qrius Rhino! We love connecting with contributors who can help us enrich our content so as to trigger the curiosity of science, technology and medicine within our readers.

Point to keep in mind!

  • Our aim and target audience: People who are interested in science, technology and medicine in general, ranging from being in their sophomore years in academia to being field experts. Even some of our contents are deliberately made to encourage people not studying science to get engaged with the beauty of understanding simple but essential concepts related to topics in science, technology and medicine.
  • Something original: Original write-ups are strongly encouraged with special attention on plagiarism check. This means your write-up should neither be a copy of some report or journal, etc. nor should have been published elsewhere.

    We strongly recommend you go through some of our published contents to have a better understanding of what we mean.
  • Something fresh and relevant containing practical takeaways: Content should be appealing in general. Preferably your blog should introduce the readers to something interesting, encourage thinking from a fresh angle, or offer some important suggestions on how and why to do something different/better (rather than just what).
  • Give credit: Always give a reference to your facts and quotations. Citing the original sources is mandatory.
  • Create an engaging excerpt specific to your article: Your content will attract more readers if they have a short description (20-30 words at max.) that is intricately selected so as to tell something related to your blog or raise some question you answered which will incite curiosity in the readers as to why they should go through the entire content. We also use this for our social posts for the same reason.
  • Concrete and to the point writing: Understand that time is valuable to everybody. So, make sure that you can help the reader understand or learn something interesting within 10-15 minutes. Attractive blogs have lists or highlights within their content along with exciting examples, essential details, illustrations (info-graphics, images, diagrams), metrics, and similar eye-catching elements.
  • Grammatical correctness: Any content without grammatical errors are so smooth to read. That’s why we encourage you to check whether whatever you are writing is grammatically correct or not. You may use the help of software checking the same.
  • How long?
    We don’t impose any word-count goals. Take as many words as required keeping the previous point in mind for each concept you elucidate.
  • Are you associated with any of the sources of your content?
    Kindly let us know of any relationship/partnership/association you have with links or sources used in the article.
  • Kindly avoid any sort of self-promotion in the article: We would love to feature the most interesting sides of you in your author bio.
  • Credit any third-party source: In case you are contributing a quote or tip to another author’s article, we will be happy to include a link to your personal social media or other profile you choose (not corporate).
  • Maintain decency: Our contents are not intended to hurt anyone or any form of belief or any institution in any possible way. So, please choose the theme judiciously, maintain decency by not using any vulgar/slang elements or expression-forms and all criticisms should be constructive/impersonal/unbiased/logical with supporting explanation and evidence with authentic references. Publishing any content of any form is subjected to a final decision by the TQR team, which shall stand final (reasons will be intimidated over email if rejected).


It is always a joy to read well-structured content. Therefore, structuring your content is a very important part of interactive contents that attract readers. Whenever you are writing a blog for us, start by jotting down the main points/questions/sub-points to be addressed and then go on elaborating each. The points you listed will be the headings and sub-headings. Keep the paragraphs short (preferably within 150 words each).

It will be easier both for you and us if you use the default title, heading, sub-heading and paragraph styling formats suggested by MS Word or an equivalent software.

Nearly all write-ups have certain phrases/words/terms that need further elaboration (need not contain illustrations or huge write-ups, but just a to-the-point explanation). Mark them in bold and enlist them at the end of your write-up. We will highly appreciate if you can come with an elaboration of those, else our team will work on them. Your main content/blog will have these phrases/words/terms linked to another page with the relevant elaboration.

Cover Image:

We appreciate any original work of art, especially if it is some digital artwork. So, you can either design one yourself, or ask anybody you know to design something. We will include separated credits for the person who designs your cover art. The cover can be a creative depiction of your blog or something related which is eye-catching. You can include a watermark in the image, but it should not be so big that it destroys the essence of your art.

In case, you cannot provide any, don’t worry! Our creative team will have you covered.

How to submit?

Please check the Contact page for finding where to email us the content. However, make sure that you include the following:

  • Keep the subject of your email as: CONTENT SUBMISSION_YOUR NAME
  • Attach your completed draft to the email as a Word document file (.docx) containing the illustrations where you would like them to appear even on the website.
  • Also include the illustrations (images:.jpg,.jpeg,.png,.gif,.ico; audio:.mp3,.m4a,.ogg,.wav; video:.mp4, .m4v ~ MPEG-4,.mov~ QuickTime,.wmv~ Windows Media Video;.avi,.mpg,.ogv~ Ogg,.3gp~ 3GPP,.3g2~ 3GPP2) as separate attachments to your email.
  • Label the cover picture as cover.<filetype>
  • Your bio. Keep it short (50 words approx.).
  • Your photograph for the “About the author” section.
  • Include IDs of your social handles so that we can tag you to our announcement posts.

What’s next?

Our team will critically review your submission. You will be notified about the status of your article within one week of submission. You will also be kept posted about when we are planning to publish it. Usually, we post a new blog every week at the beginning (Monday or Tuesday) based on a first-come-first-serve basis. However, there might be slight alterations to this schedule due to some reasons. Regarding any change or delay of the post, the decision of the team will stand final and it will be intimidated prior to the initial date. Once a date has been allotted (will be informed over email) for publishing the blog, it cannot be retracted.

Are you still doubtful about something?

Don’t worry, we have you covered yet again! Shoot us an email: We’ll be very happy to help.

Learn more about how you can contact us here.