Well,here’s your chance to send your name into the Sun’s atmosphere!

Since the last few days, I have been seeing Instagram stories and Whatsapp statuses with a SUMMER HOT TICKET/Participation certificate which carries one’s name to the Sun. Actually, NASA is sending people’s names with the PARKER SOLAR PROBE (named after physicist Eugene Parker) which is supposed to probe the outer corona of the Sun. It’s set to launch towards the Sun this July.

During its closest approach (just 3.83 million miles), the Parker Solar Probe will be traveling at a blistering 450,000 (125 miles per second) miles per hour!

The procedure to get your name sent is pretty simple. All one needs to do is visit this link and fill out a form. Your name will be added to a microchip which will carried by the probe towards the Sun. Cool, right?


Importantly, the last date for this is probably 27th April 2018. So hurry up!

Raibat Sarker.

Author: Raibat Sarker

A BS-MS (Chemistry) student and a KVPY fellow at IISER Bhopal who founded The Qrius Rhino in March 2018.. He was associated with the IISER Bhopal iGEM 2020 team which went on to win the gold medal in the jamboree. He is passionate about trekking and camping, apart from being a foodie and die-hard FCB fan. When not sciencing, eating, or complaining about his bad luck, you will find him hooked into novels or planning his next trek!

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