The Quarantine – An Abstract Perspective

Quarantine! A new addition to our vocabulary recently due to the outbreak of COVID-19, a global pandemic which made our activity restricted to the dwelling. As the economy crashed, our life also followed a similar pathway since the lockdown is announced. While a bunch of people are waiting to come out of the cocoon and explore the dilapidated world again, another half is trying to explore their inner sanctum new way. What I believe is this quarantine gave me an opportunity back to pen down my dreamy visuals.

I used my minimalistic effort to use a pen only (as I was in shortage of pencil, brush and colours) to make an art piece. In that artwork, you can witness a human followed by several geometric shapes which are sometimes organised and sometimes not like our routine during the quarantine. Though there is a reflection of sadness by the tears, there’s also a candle of hope at the bottom. To eradicate monotonic life, someone can start singing, and the other half may begin to replenish their old hobby of writing. We always used staircases in life to reach one step forward to our destination, but now, we can see a staircase will lead us to a blank and vacant space. Our ambition, dreams, plans to move forward in life is not following the upward direction now. Our growth is stagnant, and uncertainty and confusion are everywhere, which has been portrayed in the rear-end of the human face.

The Quarantine copy

The word quarantine comes from “quarantena” (Venetian Language), meaning “forty days” and designated the period that all ships were required to be isolated before passengers and crew could go ashore during Black Death plague epidemic. My painting contains 40 perfect geometric shapes to symbolise that.

Now if you turn the paper upside down the whole artwork changes, it has been drawn both ways. Now you can witness a robust human hand is trying to build something. What is that? I will leave the answer up to you.

Find it and let me know.


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By Prince Roy, Department of Earth Science, IISER Kolkata

PR About the author: Prince is a BS-MS student at IISER Kolkata, majoring in earth sciences, with a minor in economics. He spends the majority of his time outside the classroom as learning new dexterity or interacting with people as much as possible. Along with a professional training spans 13+ years in Painting, he took an avid interest in table tennis and captained the institute table tennis team for four years. Such leadership skills reflect his nature of taking the risk and excel, which resulted in his profitable entrepreneurship venture for the last few years. He is a daily reader of business newspaper and keeps updating his near ones about the same with or without their interest.This is his first blog for us, “The Qrius Rhino”.

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