Future of WHITE GOLD mining

Hearing ‘White Gold’ you may think about  precious jewellery, but here I talk about a commodity whose value almost equal to jewellery, but not actually that.

Often same terminology is used in several field , aspect. So to avoid confusion we have describe about the context. For example this “white gold” terminology describe cotton in agriculture sector , others  field. But in this article we will talk about an alternative water source:“WHITE GOLD”

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Why we try to find out alternative water source:

With an increasing water crisis all over the world, where it is predicted that 2/3rd of world’s population would have been affected by 2025. According to United Nations data around 1.2 billion population in world are already living under water scarcity & 500 million are approaching to this situation .Approximately 1.5 billion people face water scarcity within 2025 if present production and consumption trend persist.


Water consumption rate in making of daily items:

On average 2500 lit of water is required to produce 1 kg of rice ,not only this, water consumption rises during processing.For producing 1kg chocolate 1700 lit of water used , for 1kg potato 280 lit water is used.By these are for production purpose, scenario is too much difficult in case of drinking water. Poor quality water and limited access to fresh water contribute infectious diseases.


Alternative path:

Our alternative path white gold is actually iceberg

Iceberg is new source of fresh water glittering. With planet become increasingly warm, more & more icebergs melting these days ,chunk of iceberg drift with ocean currents & eventually melt , mixed itself with saline ocean water. Thus harvesting icebergs for fine & pure water utilizes a resource which otherwise have been wasted & contributed to global sea level rise.Thus apparently iceberg harvesting is not hurting to environmental concern.The concept of mining “white gold” has also been extending to the southern part of globe.For example Capetown, a South African country facing a severe water crisis like many other part of world so they try to tow (harvest) iceberg from Antarctica by Southern ice project.Thus apparently icebergs may emerge as a potential & viable source of water.

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However there are several important concern . That with severe water crisis around world ,will ice berg harvesting become a regular feat in near future,but with the tremendous cost associated with the process will it then meet the demands of rich only? Or will it eventually trigger towards war over white gold.


It is time for international community to frame rules & guidelines for towing & harvesting iceberg in order to safe gourd all important environmental concern & also before ugly fight occur.



Tuhin Singha Mahapatra

3rd year,B.Sc. Agriculture,UBKV



About the author: Myself Tuhin Singha Mahapatra.I am a 3rd year B.Sc. Agriculture student at ubkv, west bengal. Other than studying I like playing football, drawing & cooking. Love to listen Sunday Suspence (Radio Mirchi 98.3 Red FM) a lot and I love traveling also.

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