Does Amphotericin B interact with other medications?

Always consult your healthcare professional (e.g., doctor or pharmacist) before taking amphotericin B. Till date, a total of 155 drugs have been reported to be interacting with amphotericin b.

  • 38 major drug interactions (interaction might cause very harmful effects) with:
    1. Foscarnet (nephrotoxic)
    2. Inotersen (nephrotoxic)
    3. Pentamidine (nephrotoxic)
    4. Tubocurarine (increased muscle relaxant effect)
    5. Clozapine (myelosuppressive)
    6. Deferiprone (myelosuppressive)
    7. Cyclosporin (nephrotoxic and neurotoxicity)
    8. Digitalis glycosides
  • 110 moderate drug interactions (interactions might cause some risk when taken together) with:
    1. Corticosteroids; corticotropin (ACTH) (hypokalaemia)
    2. Adefovir (nephrotoxic)
    3. Immune globulin IV (IGIV) (nephrotoxic)
    4. Tenofovir (nephrotoxic)
    5. Gentamicin
    6. Stimulant laxatives (hypokalaemia)
  • 7 minor drug interactions

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