Naturally found LL-37 : A Savior

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive nervous system disorder that affects movement. The initial aggregates of the alpha-synuclein are known as oligomers are responsible for spreading the disease in the brain. An endogenous helical antimicrobial peptide, which is naturally attached to the alpha-synuclein, called LL-37 can be the key to the solution of Parkinson’s disease. … Continue readingNaturally found LL-37 : A Savior

Story of The Black and White Devils – Mucormycosis

Recently, the news channels and social media platforms have been going on trending with the advent of a so-called, “new epidemic” in the middle of the CoViD-19 pandemic. It is supposedly a deadly infection caused by black and white fungi. But what really is a “black fungus” and a “white fungus” and what causes them to infect a patient? Is it deadlier than CoViD19? What do we know about it, who should worry and what is the treatment? Find an answer to all these questions in the blog. … Continue readingStory of The Black and White Devils – Mucormycosis