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Interdisciplinary Science And How It Can Help In Modelling Biological Systems

How the paradigm of science is changing with time is something really exciting. Do you know why? Continue reading to find how overlapping the practice of science can be and how it can open up enormous possibilities. … Continue readingInterdisciplinary Science And How It Can Help In Modelling Biological Systems

iGEM – The Journey of Team IISER Kolkata

iGEM is a global competition where high school students, undergraduate and over graduate students compete in the arena of synthetic biology. made its debut in iGEM in 2018 and has since then executed two successful projects. In this blog we shall go through this journey of IISERK. … Continue readingiGEM – The Journey of Team IISER Kolkata

Naturally found LL-37 : A Savior

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive nervous system disorder that affects movement. The initial aggregates of the alpha-synuclein are known as oligomers are responsible for spreading the disease in the brain. An endogenous helical antimicrobial peptide, which is naturally attached to the alpha-synuclein, called LL-37 can be the key to the solution of Parkinson’s disease. … Continue readingNaturally found LL-37 : A Savior

The Science Behind Skin Colour

In the present world, there is sadly a lot of discrimination based on the colour of one’s skin. Can we speculate it as a SciComm crisis?
What brought on such a wide diversity of human skin colour? It has very little to do with sunburn or even skin cancer.
It has rather been shaped by conflicting demands of two essential vitamins – folate and vitamin D. … Continue readingThe Science Behind Skin Colour

CIRCADIAN RHYTHM: From Improving Your Grades to Curing Cancer!

The breakthrough in understanding circadian rhythm that has a far-reaching impact, from making you the class topper to fighting cancer! Have you ever wondered why heart attack mostly occurs in the mornings, Olympic records are broken in the afternoon and even my grandma’s asthma peaks at dawn? The answer lies in decoding these facts and to do so you need to read on. … Continue readingCIRCADIAN RHYTHM: From Improving Your Grades to Curing Cancer!